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One Type of Shoulder Injury in a Car Accident


This is one way that your shoulder and upper limbs can be injured in a car accident (MVA - motor vehicle accident). Another way is from the seat belt itself. It is intuitive and natural to want to brace for impact, which can lead to increase of upper limb injuries such  as the hands, wrists, [...]

One Type of Shoulder Injury in a Car Accident2020-08-19T09:17:07-07:00

Pregnancy Massage and Chiropractic


Pregnancy is a toxic state. Pregnancy massage is great for getting rid of those toxins that develope during pregancy. To deliver a baby the pelvis comes apart. It doesn't always come back together properly. Pregnant women should see a chiropractor during pregnancy, and after delivery! (62.2 kb)

Pregnancy Massage and Chiropractic2020-08-08T13:49:46-07:00

Car Accidents


We specialize in treating car accidents with no money out of your pocket! We can also refer you to the best lawyers we've found and worked with, if you need one! (61.3 kb)

Car Accidents2020-06-28T08:49:52-07:00