Preparing for Your First Massage


Every masseuse is different, and finding one that is friendly and performs high quality Portland massage therapy can be more difficult than you think. There are many things you can do before scheduling a massage appointment to ensure that you have the relaxing, therapeutic experience that you expect and deserve. When searching for a qualified [...]

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Massage Therapy and Good Posture


These days it seems like more and more people are working at jobs that involve long periods of time sitting and staring at a computer. Sitting at a computer for hours can wreak havoc on your back, shoulder and neck muscles, especially if you aren’t practicing good posture, which most people don’t. Usually people will [...]

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What is Reflexology?


There are times when you are being treated for something medically where you need some extra help to aid in your recovery. Since the medical aspect might already be taken care of, many people turn to alternative medicine to compliment their healing. Alternative healing is the name for methods of healing the body without medication [...]

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Portland Injury Massage


Portland Massage Portland Car Accident & Injury Massage Portland Deep Tissue Massage provide relaxing massage therapy and chiropractic services in Portland, Oregon. We have two (2) convenient massage locations to better serve your needs. Our massages focus on relieving pain, relaxing muscles, removing knots and other toxins from the body that cause discomfort and helping [...]

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Portland Massage


Portland Massage, what images come to mind when you hear the words? Does it make you think about a day out at the spa with the girls? Well those days are in the past, massages aren't just for the girls to escape for a few hours, they are becoming more and more popular among athletes [...]

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