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Located in Clackamas on Sunnyside Rd in the Clackamas Promenade (8800 SE Sunnyside Rd. #253S Clackamas, OR 97015)

About Dr. Jeff Dougal D.C., L.M.T.

Chiropractic License #: 3680

Massage License #: 13436

Dr. Jeff is a renowned and highly rated Chiropractor and Massage Therapist. Throughout his career he’s helped many people heal from a variety of physical issues. Dr. Jeff Dougal has over 20 years of experience providing skillful chiropractic & massage care. He is known for listening to his patients which enables him to apply the right amount of pressure and use the right chiropractic technique for the situation. Dr. Jeff is also known for having a strong but gentle touch and technique which gets significant therapeutic results.

Our primary services include:

whiplashCar Accident Massage & Chiropractic Care: Even small car accidents can be violent. The full range of your injuries could take several hours or even days to be known. You might feel fine at the time of the accident but you may realize that once the injury sets in you could find yourself in a lot of pain. Typically the day after the accident you’ll begin to experience some level of pain or stiffness in your limbs, neck or back. Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy can assist in the recovery of such injuries. Rehabilitation from automobile accident injuries is a big part of what we do. We’re proud to provide quality care at a time when our patients need us most. Our extensive experience means that we know every car accident massage technique to ensure a speedy recovery. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having been in a car accident, don’t hesitate to seek massage or chiropractic care. We also accept insurance.


Chiropractic MassageChiropractic: At our Clackamas massage & chiropractic clinic we provide chiropractic adjustments for all sorts of patients. Treatments are proven to improve your posture, reduce muscle spasm, and  increase circulation while promoting health and wellness. Sedentary lifestyles that consist of activities such as sitting at a desk all day can be as big a problem as having a job that requires picking up heavy objects or standing on your feet for several hours. If you’ve experienced an accident and sustained unintentional injuries chiropractic care may provide a noninvasive solution. We have recently moved our office to Clackamas, OR just off Sunnyside Rd in the Clackamas Promenade. Our convenient location allows us to provide care for individuals living & working in Milwaukie, Happy Valley, Gladstone as well as Sunnyside.


Deep Tissue MassageiStock_000025957373XSmall: Deep Tissue Massage is a massage therapy technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle and tissue. Our therapists pinpoint the real source and the core of the problem to relieve muscle aches, pains and tension. Deep tissue massage is applicable for a number of scenarios. It’s most often used with patients suffering from serious issues such as having been in an auto accident. Patients suffering from chronic pain and stiffness may also seek out Deep Tissue massage as a treatment option. All of the massage practitioners at our Clackamas massage clinic are all sufficient in providing deep tissue massage therapy.


Swedish massageOther Massage Services: We provide a number of other massage therapy care solutions such as sports massage, swedish massage, and pregnancy massage. For more information about these services as well as a full list of our massage therapy services please visit our services page. To schedule an appointment call 503-347-7668 or visit our Clackamas clinic at 8800 SE Sunnyside Rd. #253S in Clackamas, OR. We hope you don’t need us, but when you do give us a call. We’d love to help you get back to feeling great again.


Service Area

Many of our patients & customers who are used to our old location might be surprised to hear that we’re now located in Clackamas, Oregon. Our clinic is located at 8800 SE Sunnyside Rd. #253S Clackamas, OR 97015 in the Clacamas Promenade. This means that our service area has changed as well and we now provide massage & chiropractic care in the Clackamas area including Happy Valley, Milwaukie, Gladstone, and of course the Sunnyside neighborhood.