Portland Deep Tissue Massage is a Portland massage therapy clinic that specializes in healing and rehabilitation. Dr. Jeff Dougal owns the clinic and has more than 20 years of experience working in the fields of chiropractic medicine and massage therapy. We are very skilled when it comes to alleviating pain and discomfort by using a number of therapeutic massage techniques. Whether you are suffering from whiplash or if you are just feeling stressed after a long week of work, we can help you relax and feel comfortable again. We are proud to offer the best massage in Portland, Oregon.

Massage therapy has proven therapeutic benefits and has been growing in popularity recently. More and more people are turning away from medications that simply treat symptoms to massage therapy and chiropractic medicine that is aimed at treating and curing the underlying cause of the symptoms. Here at Portland Deep Tissue Massage, we have the skills and the experience to perform a wide variety of massage and chiropractic services. We are especially skilled at rehabilitating injuries. With our combination of chiropractic medicine and massage therapy, we are able to help our patients recover from their injuries faster and overcome their chronic pain. For stress relief, we offer our Swedish massage and our deep tissue massage. A deep tissue massage is perfect for dealing with muscle aches and pains, and a Swedish massage will leave your mind and your body feeling rejuvenated. We also offer a Portland reflexology service that focuses on relieving pain and discomfort in the hands and feet. By applying positive pressure to specific points on your body, we can help relieve muscle tension and encourage relaxation. Another popular service that we offer is our Portland pregnancy massage. We can help alleviate aches and cramps, as well as the stress and anxiety levels that expectant mothers often experience. A healthy and relaxed mother makes for a healthier and stronger baby. If you are experiencing chronic back or neck pain, our chiropractic adjustments can treat the underlying cause of that pain. We can correct your posture, improve your circulation and get rid of that painful knot of muscle in your neck.

Portland Chiropractor

Portland Deep Tissue Massage is the best place to get a quality massage in Portland. Jeff Dougal is experienced, skilled and committed to improving the lives of his patients. We own two locations in the Portland area. Our Multnomah Village location is right off of I-5 and is easily accessible from anywhere in Portland. Our location in Northeast Portland is located a few blocks from Grant High School, right off of I-84. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.