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Massage Therapy For Auto Accidents


If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle, often the damage inside the body is less obvious than the damage on the surface. According to Mayo Clinic, 35% of new spinal injuries each year are caused by auto accidents. The nervous system– involving the brain, spine, and nerves — is often heavily affected after such injury. If you find yourself unsure of why you are in severe pain after an automobile accident, it’s time to consider massage therapy to relieve damage to the nervous system.


Alongside the most common form of injury caused by auto accidents (brain injury, which often requires immediate medical attention), neck and spinal injury –usually manifested by whiplash– is extremely common. The spine naturally attempts to compensate for whiplash through the formation of a natural S-shaped curve; unfortunately, studies have proven that this movement itself is also injurious. The damage caused to the neck and spine affects the entire body, and often needs to be repaired. While mild cases of whiplash can heal with ice treatment and rest, more severe cases do not go away: a more serious regimen for recovery is required, and in this, massage is crucial for patient recovery. The effects of untreated whiplash that does not improve within a few weeks are severe, including leading to anxiety and depression.

Types of Therapeutic Massage

Swedish massage

A qualified massage therapist is familiar with the types of massage that can help alleviate the suffering of an auto accident. The most common forms of therapy are Myofascial Release Therapy, which helps to relax pressure on the muscles affected by an auto accident. Static Compression massage is used to increase the flow of oxygen to compressed muscles to ease them back and ultimately soften them sufficiently for further therapy. Deep Tissue Massage is designed to help realign the muscles and restore initial nerve function.

Auto accidents, due to the speeds at which they occur, “freeze” the nerves into a defensive state, taking weeks to recover in best-case scenarios– and as the muscles are damaged from the accident themselves, repair means realignment of the muscles, the spine, and the nerves to their proper position. Most sessions are conducted over the course of an hour, and repairing the damaged muscles and realigning the nerves and muscles can take multiple sessions. The combination of multiple massage therapies helps optimize the body’s total recovery speed.

The Healing Process

Auto accidents are incredibly traumatic, and victims can suffer physical and psychological injuries. Therapeutic massage techniques can help victims of accidents recover more quickly than through addictive painkillers and other medication. Scientific massage helps leverage the natural healing powers of the body to heal itself and permanently alleviate the chronic pain of automobile accidents. Through a properly executed regimen of therapeutic massage therapy, accident victims can recover quickly and efficiently, and return to a more normal mode of living.