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Sports are a great way to stay in shape. They allow you to exercise your muscles, give you good cardiovascular endurance and help satisfy the need for competition. Although one drawback to any sport, no matter how physical it is, is the potential for injuries. The potential for injury is higher in athletes as they’re using their bodies in more strenuous ways on a regular basis. Injuries can range in severity. Sometimes you are still able to participate with only minor discomfort, while other times may require medical attention and don’t allow you to play at all.

No matter what type of injury you have incurred, seeking injury massage therapy can help in your recovery and get you back into the game quicker. Although not a substitute for medical treatment, massage can be utilized alongside it to help you recover faster. Massage helps to heal by increasing circulation to areas of your body, providing them with more oxygen and nutrients. It will also help to increase flexibility in the area as the injury heals.

As healing can be a continuous process, once your injury has enough strength to handle light exercise, you should continue getting massage treatments. Even though you may get back to exercising, continued treatments can help manage the pain and prevent you from a relapse injury. Once it is fully healed, regular massages can help to prevent further injury.

When finding the best Portland Injury Therapy to aid in your recovery, make sure it is with a masseuse you trust and has all the proper licensing. It’s important to find one who is experienced in injury recovery treatment. At Portland Deep Tissue Massage, we know how to help.