Chiropractic Services for Whiplash 

Alongside the most common form of injury caused by auto accidents (brain injury, which often requires immediate medical attention), neck and spinal injury – usually manifested by whiplash – is extremely common. The spine naturally attempts to compensate for whiplash through the formation of a natural S-shaped curve. Unfortunately, studies have proven that this movement itself is also injurious. The damage caused to the neck and spine affects the entire body and often needs to be repaired. While mild cases of whiplash can heal with ice treatment and rest, more severe cases do not go away. Sometimes, a more intensive regimen for recovery is required. Most auto accident victims find that chiropractic services and massage are crucial for their recovery.

Chiropractic & Massage Therapy For Whiplash Pain Relief in Happy Valley, Clackamas & Milwaukie Oregon

The effects of untreated whiplash can be severe. Most medical professionals will advise those involved in auto accidents to receive chiropractic care as soon as possible. Nearly 8% of those suffering from whiplash injuries are unable to return to their usual work and activity levels one year after the accident. Chronic pain, persistent headaches, degenerative disc disease, misaligned vertebrae, vertigo, and mobility issues can become a nagging reality for auto accident survivors that don’t receive proper treatment for their whiplash.  

In addition to the physical pain that can ensue post-accident, emotional and mental health may also be negatively impacted. Depression, anxiety, stress, and other afflictions may present themselves if proper care is not sought. Working with an auto accident chiropractor is important not just for your physical well-being, but for your emotional health, too. Instead of letting the effects of whiplash take over your body and mind, begin your journey to recovery today with help from our professional auto accident chiropractors.

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